Live music lessons online


3. Professional and appropriate to this time:

our qualified music teachers hold online live classes as professional as the regular. They stop after all the same time and energy.
By our experience us to you good help.
Therefore, our music lessons practicing live not much cheaper and regular music at our location.
from € 15.

It is aTraditionalpersonal andprofessional approach withmodern technology,
appropriate at this time.
Also forindividual lessons asa supplement onregular music lessons this medium is very suitable.
For example, you want our regular lessoncatch or you have aquestion or aproblem, for example. you haveneed help At theto tune on your violin.

Shouldissues zijn met de verbinding of je hebtneed help in the institutions, our offersremote help the possibility that a distance from the problems I will tryto solve.

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