Learn to tune your violin


6. Tuning practical:

Check first time on any of the mentioned ways, on the ears or with a tuning device whether the string is off ?.
The fine voice work namely happens with the fijnstemmers to the rump, while grove stemwerk is done with the tuning pegs in the tuning pegs in the curl.

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Tuning with the fine tuners:

The fine voice work or the fine tuning is done with the fijnstemmers to the rump.
Some violins sit there is not a or not for all strings fijnstemmers and that is to learn to vote unfortunately . so nice. The respective strings are then only to vote with the aid of the tuning pegs and this is something difficult to fine tuning. Fijnstemmers however, are not expensive and can easily there put ..

Voting with the fijnstemmers You can easily do it yourself:

  • Turn anti-clockwise (anticlockwise, unscrew) then the ballot lower.
  • Turn clockwise (right, Screw) then the ballot higher.

Tips for votes with fine tuners:

  • During or directly na the turn even rub or strum, so you hears that you doing.
  • Note that you can not string of voting (= Tunes too high) and so let alone, because it can sooner or later .. This can happen especially at the thinnest strings.
  • When a fine tuner not further inwards or outwards can be rotated, then there must be vote with the tuning pegs, see when the fine tuner can not loosen or tighten.

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Tuning with the tuning pegs:

The grove stemwerk ie the coarse tuning is done with the tuning pegs in the tuning pegs at the krul. Vote with screws is required if the string very false is of als er no fine tuners present.
It is harder because the tuning pegs easy recoil and the many voices grover and faster goes.
You also what power needed for the voice screw firmly to push, giving it up for children something harder ?.

Voting with the tuning pegs you better first with your teacher practicing together.
Would you do it try self, then it goes like this:

  • At to you turn the mood lower.
  • At van je of turn the mood higher.

Tips for using voting screws:

  • Check first time even extra of above also in your case all the strings is the case.
    If the string namely wrong excited, can it exactly the opposite properly !
  • During or directly na the turn even rub or strum, so you hears that you doing.
  • Always lower first, dan not higher tuning, so you can just get used to to the resistance of the button and you do not you see doorschiet and the belt of voting (=too high tune).
  • During the turn of stemschroef press firmly inwards for recoil to prevent !
  • Note that you can not string of voting and so let alone, because it can sooner or later ..
    This can happen especially at the thinnest strings.
  • watch out for the release of the voice screw that he is safely attached, if necessary press firmly inwards !

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When the fine tuner can not loosen or tighten:

When a fijnstemmer not anymore further inwards or can be turned outwards, then this can be corrected with the tuning peg.

  • fine tuner is completely screwed (you can not higher to tune on):
    twist this then almost completely and tune the string carefully higher with the tuning peg.
  • fine tuner is completely extended (you can not lower to tune on):
    stem the string lower with the tuning peg, and then again with the fine tuner bijgedraaid can become.
  • Make sure you always something reserve thread about you, So you get some in or from to turn with the fijnstemmer, so you do not surprises will be placed, For example, at a gig or rehearsal.

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Check again:

Was de viool out of tune and you had to tuning yourself, check then all strings again in order to ensure that they are still right stand. Often affect strings each other in tuning and you have to vote Repeat a few times.

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12 thoughts on “Learn to tune your violin

  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent blog. Keep blogging!

    ‎‎Violin classes in Velachery

  2. hoi, Yesterday I agreed with my violin and my voice screws when my g-string declined voice coil. So whenever I try to vote him he goes back, he's way too laag.Hoe can I run it again without his declining?

    1. Hoi Mary, try the voice coil while simultaneously turning a lot to “within” to push. He remains as well is down. But let me know if it worked. Success !

  3. I want - to have more violin played after a time - start again, but my tuning fork is missing. And now I find this page! totally super! A very good help, really!

  4. super this! Was here for a while looking for. Had a time no longer played viola and he was moved and completely out of tune. I have a pretty perfect pitch so the A and D so I found again, but I just need a reminder of the G and C. That has certainly helped me and now he is fine tuned again!

  5. The exercise did not cause my violin was displeased.
    Now my piece again sounds really good. thanks!!

  6. I'm super happy with the sound clips to vote. I've been playing for almost a year and had to practice a bit for orchestra, while my violin was displeased. Super thanks!!!

  7. Very convenient that agree with sound clip. That surely is better than with an electric piano. Usually mn violin teacher tunes the violin, but now in the holidays I wanted to try it for yourself. Am now a few months engaged in lessons and likes it very much!! Your site is very clear and quite now! thanks!
    greetings Jacomien

  8. It's raining today (23 Mar. 2011) and I sit alone in the country somewhere in South-Australia.
    Yes you read it right, it rains. I do not have to work outside, time to try the new violin once.
    I'm not a teacher but a voice device. Yet, you can early because nothing. Well for my guitar and violin saxafoon but one that's quite another. Had then that I knew already the 4th (G) piece of string. The book Essential Elements 2000 for Strings was not clear enough for me. Then once again google it as it is now called the demand "the stemmem a violin" and yes bullseye. Wijntjens Violin and Piano. taken by the read work and then the sound clips. The sound clips followed my tuners (2pieces) and that brought clarity to how it should sound. Then the violin there and gently proberen.Ik did not want to mess up again to a string, which means that I 150 km to drive before I joined the first music to be able to continue with the violin. (But have an extra set in the future in his pocket.) The Mp3 sounds were wonderful match. For the first time I had a violin himself voted. Am happy with it. Men's / Women Thank you and good luck there in Holland. greetings Albert.

    PS. on the 442 Hertz tune I try later. First I get a tune look like. For now, I am a cat skinning. ( not completely true ) With the sax you have to adjust by ear and I also do with the violin. But it amazes me how big guys here with big hands work the heledag labor have made the evening can go after work at once on his small "Fingerboard". I have a lot to learn.

    Albert, 150 km van Mount Gambier SA

  9. Congratulations on your site, Vera Dennis.
    A well-organized and uncluttered page, with clear information and an inviting character.
    Good design, with an educational eyecatcher, as the voices of the string instrument,
    in a number of ways, appropriate at this time.
    my compliments.
    Good luck with your modern and contemporary enterprise.

  10. What a great time at the initiative. I am 66 year and play since 1,5 violin year and have class.
    Searched for chromatic tuners

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