Accompaniments and help out



Guidance choirs and ensembles, Viool en/of Piano

Violinist Dennis Wijntjens of de Pianist Vera Melnichenko Maastricht also together or apart in rent for choral accompaniment, as co-tutoring, for solo play, chamber music, chamber music, orchestra work, help out etc..

We have experience with various ensembles, see over ons.

Possible occupancy:

Duo Spirito Crea

Our Duo Spirito Crea enjoy providing performances, violin and piano. We have a digital piano and we can amplify the acoustic violin a bit More..

Violinist Dennis Wijntjens

Rent Violinist Dennis Wijntjens from Maastricht for your party, (home)concert, masses and ceremonies, orchestra work (help out), solo play, chamber music, studiowork and choir accompaniments More..

Pianist Vera Melnichenko

Rent Pianist Vera Melnichenko in Maastricht for party, (home)concert, chamber music, masses and ceremonies, studio work, solo play and choir accompaniments More..