Chamber Music Concerts


Duo Spirito Crea, Violin and Piano

Aclassical concert for in amusic hall or on aklein podium.

The musicians are classically trained Duo Spirito Crea.
They have considerable experience in the interpretation of classical music.
The program may possibly be explained during the play and the pieces can be announced.

The program proposal comprises mainlyclassical andlight classical Styles, other genres on request.

Viewexample playlists with possible pieces.
You can alsoreference tones listen to.

Chamber Music Concerts:

Below are some photo albums from some concerts. Click on the photo for an impression.

Possible occupancy:

Duo Spirito Crea

Our Duo Spirito Crea enjoy providing performances, violin and piano. We have a digital piano and we can amplify the acoustic violin a bit More..