Playlists – Duo Spirito Crea

Playlists with possible pieces:


Playlist Known Classic – Violin and Piano.
Playlist Wedding Ceremony – Violin and Piano.
Playlist Candlelight Romance – Violin and Piano.
Playlist Jazz, Show, Pop – Violin and Piano.
Playlist Vienna Mix – Violin and Piano.
Playlist Musical Memories – Violin and Piano.


Are there numbers youabsolutely want to hear, let us knowduring your booking.

We have, of course, much more (mainly classical) music than we can list here in the playlists.  therefore give numbers you can find NOT in any of the above lists soon to us.

In case it is a non-classical song request (for example. pop/jazz) we've never played and we have no sheet music, we ask for the acquisition and processing of a charge sheet from thethird send in a request. This fee is determined in the offer.

Music player:

The belowexamples below can already give you an idea about the potential of music.
You can also scroll down formore excerpts.

*) These pieces were played by us in our home studio.

Occupations in comparing the music player:

Below you can listen to how “The Swan” Saint-Saens van in various lineups sounds.

*) These pieces are played and recorded by our musicans in our home studio.
Personally, we recommend the occupation violin and piano.