Theme performances


Performances on special days, Viool en/of Piano

We perform on special days and occasions.

We have a digital piano we can take with us.
A digital piano or stage piano is sonically similar to a Grand Piano and is not a keyboard.
It is of course also possible to play on a present piano or Grand Piano ,, provided that they are in good condition and tuned properly.

For small spaces we can (if necessary) use a small amplifier.

For bigger areas we use a sound system (PA), consisting of two speakers on a stand and a bass speaker. We need a minimum setup time, 45 minutes.

It is recommended to book well in advance proposed program below.

View example playlists with possible pieces.
You can also reference tones listen to.


Christmas Programm, Viool en/of Piano

A mix known carols, bring light classical music and songs from other genres you totally in December stemming of Christmas.

during this 1 or 2 hour long program you dive in magic Christmas spirit and make you a nice trip through various styles and times.


New Years Concert, Violin and Piano

Start the new year in January swinging with traditional music from Vienna, light classical music, such as the Wiener Waltz, Wienerlied, and others classics, also pop and jazz is possible.

This program proposal is available for 1 hour or 2 hour.

14 February

Valentinesday, Viool en/of Piano

Surprise your beloved partner or friend(in) with a live background on valentine, 14 February.
This can, of course, also simply at your place properly.

The content of this programmavoorstel of maximum 2 hour is based on a variety of romantic music of all styles and periods.


Hieringe biete on if Goonsdag, Violin and Piano

On Ash Wednesday, the carnival, nice respite on Viennese music, such as the Wiener Waltz, Wienerlied, Viennese light classical music written by composers who were in love with this city come all over.

This program proposal is available for 1 hour or 2 hour.