Violin, Piano, Video


with music

Musicato, Violin and Piano live with atmospheric images

A visual music journey through time

Musicato is a dazzling show with classic and contemporary live musicframed with image. In this show come classical music and modern music together in a single show.

Violin, piano and modern sounds are supported by video and images on a large projection screen. In this way, music listen supplemented with a visual experience to the eyes.

The live music is provided by violist Dennis Wijntjens and pianist Vera Melnichenko, the atmospheres and light show by Defeestdj.

Program proposals with music can be booked for:
2 hour or 3 hour, unless otherwise stated.

This show is suitable for weddings, diners, receptions and for anyone wanting a truly special wants to party.

Musicato can be composed as desired from the following styles:
Classical, light classical, romanticism, pop, 70’s 80’s 90’s classics, jazz, soundtracks

You can choose from the following program proposals for Musicato (Violin, Piano, Video):
Receptions and mood music, Theme performances.

View example playlists with possible pieces.