Violin solo


Violinist – Dennis Wijntjens

Rent Violinist Dennis Wijntjens Maastricht for your feast, orchestra work (help out), solo play, chamber music, kerkmissen, studio work and choral accompaniment.
Dennis is also working with Duo Spirito Crea, Violin and Piano in te huren.

Program proposals violin can be booked for:
1 hour or 2 hour

For the grace of your feast I will use Violin solo live with backing-tracks.
This is a live violin solo with a accompaniment on orchestra band (combo, band, orchestra).
Personally I think it fit better with my repertoire if something of a accompaniment to sit, for example. piano of backing op orkestband.
You can go to Compare Occupations hear how the same piece sounds unaccompanied, with piano accompaniment or with accompaniment (backing) on tape.
The violin- in pianopartij were anticipated by us in our home studio.

You can choose from the following program proposals for violin:
Receptions and mood music, (wedding)masses and ceremonies, Accompaniments and help out, Studio work and sound recordings, Theme performances.

See also our example playlists with possible pieces.
You can also reference tones listen to.

Do you have songs you want to hear absolutely, let us know during your booking and if possible I will include them in my program.

I use a acoustic violin I possibly. shall . with just one pickup (microphone). For the Play of the backing op orkestband I use a small amplifier.
For bigger rooms and for outside I have access to a sound system (PA), consisting of two speakers on a stand and a bass speaker. We need a minimum setup time , 20 minutesfor Violin solo live with backing-tracks.

Dennis is also working with Duo Spirito Crea, Violin and Piano in te huren.

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