Music lessons Maastricht


Violin lessons

Violin lessons

The violin is also known as the queen of musical instruments. It is a wonderful instrument that allows you to play the stars of heaven. More..

Piano lessons

A piano is a very versatile instrument. On a piano, you can imitate an orchestra and you can play different types of music. More..

Viola lessons

A viola has a low, mysterious, nasal, dark sound. You can compare a violin and a viola with the soprano and alto voices in a choir More..

Duo vioolles

Duo violin lessons are very suitable for parent / child, brothers / sisters and boyfriends / girlfriends.
They are very affordable as the teaching time is divided More..

Ensemble lessons

Are you looking for someone to make music together?
We give interplay-les ie interplay of ensemble called, fun and educational at the same time. More..

Live music lesson and playing together

Online live music lesson via video calling and online live interplay without delay. We can also help you with the software settings via remote assistanceMore..

Lessons Online

You can also follow our music lessons online, for example. you can learn to tune your violin, read our tips for practicing, about scales, Adjust tempo of play-along accompanimentsMore..