Dennis Wijntjens



Hello, I am Dennis Wijntjens, since 1999 graduate violist privately viooldocent.

Dennis ismarried withVera (for ourpianist) and together they have twosons, Vadim (2011) en Boris (2012).

Asperformer I play regularly withDuo Spirito Crea (violin and piano) on several occasions.
I also play project moderate in orchestras and ensembles.

I o.a. played in theCor en Co-orchestra o.l.v. de pianistCor Bakker, o.a. withLionel RichieUB40Al Jarreau
(TV recordings for the TROS).   Below is my biography.

The very beginning:

Dennis L.J.B. Wijntjens was in1976 born inGeleenNetherlands and grew up inMaastricht.

Dennis got in1984, his8you are a year of life, his first violin lessons fromPaul Aerts (Belgium) inMaastricht.

From1989 to1991 he was alsoprivéles for violin and music theory, aspreparation hisconservatory study.


Dennis followed theHAVO training ,19891992 the formerUrban Scholengemeenschap ,Maastricht.

In1991 He was on his 15th, given his talent and young age, welcome till thetraining with yourConservatoryHogeschool Maastricht with a cello teacherNilla Pierrou (Sweden).

In1992 he waswelcome till theHACO training (CHALLENGE) of the formerJeanne d’Arc College ,Maastricht, on aHAVOConservatory training in association with theMaastricht.

Injuni 1994 he won therehigh school diploma.

Vocational training:

In1995 Dennis starts atfirst year training
Teaching Musician Violinfrom classical, also in theConservatorium Maastrichtwith a cello teacherNilla Pierrou.

During his conservatory studies there was muchmusicianship at variousensemblesandorchestras, o.a. At theLimburgs Baroque Consort,
theCountry Graafs Symphony OrchestraMusic Meuse and theKerkraads Symphony Orchestra.

There were also a year during the summer holidaysmasterclasses followed, o.a. inGermany andBelgium forNilla PierrouAndré Gertler,
Adam Korniszewsky and atSherban Lupu (VS) inPoland.

Injuli 1999 Dennis earned his teaching degree successfully Violin diploma.

Practical experience after graduation:

After hisgraduation Dennis has several yearsprivélessen followed by several teachersBelgium andGermany. Also, there ismusicianship at variousensembles andorchestras, o.a. in the aforementioned, diverseprojektmatigeand atArkansas Symphony Orchestra.

In2000 was Dennis optelevision can be seen in theColor & Co Orchestra conducted. de pianistCor Bakker.   Hier begeleidde hij o.a.Lionel RichieUB40AL Jarreau from the orchestra, a very nice experience.

In2000 Dennis issoloist the violin concerto a minor inJ.S. Bach withMusic Meuse conducted.

From2001 Dennis plays inAntwerp Accompaniment Orchestra, annuallyopera / operetta AssociationsWOK WeertSing Kerkrade andGOV Goes guides.

Er wordt o.a.chamber music played, o.a. pianist putsVera Melnichenko (are nowadayswoman), mood music in adding lustercelebrate and music bymarriages andfunerals.

Also, there are from2004 regularlystudio recordings made for the Belgian composer
Wim Hautekiet.   InJanuary 2008 this was aCD from: Wim Hautekiet – Renaissance in Fives.

Dennis has for several years as a violin teacherreplace at variousmusic in the Netherlands (limburg).

Dennis also beganconstruct of aown practice, givingviolin inMaastricht e.o.   This he did with so manyenthusiasmmotivation andfun, that thedream of its ownprofessional teaching practice waxborn!

In2003 he is likesole proprietorship professional begun givingvioollessen,
mainlyon location.

Inaugustus 2006 was purified byVera andDennis the currentDutch company
Wijntjens – Violin and Piano” established.

From the Netherlands to Belgium (and always return):

In2002 properlyVera andDennis moved toBelgium, townRiemst, not too far over theborder of Maastricht.   In thesecountry area is made toyour heart's content musicianship.

In2003 are Vera and Dennismarried, inMaastricht.

In2004 was againmoved, Now the municipalityLanaken near the villageKesselt, yetpoet forMaastricht.   Here we have lived with pleasure, but after a while we found out that living and working in different countries is not so convenient if you're a small business owner.

In2011 we move back to the Netherlands and finally back toMaastricht (current address).
We are not now “grensgeval” more of theEuropean Union, we work and live in one country,
what makes it a little easier.
Moreover, we are nowcenters, which we and our customers can reach us easily.

De band metMaastricht andNetherlands is thereforeremained and will also alwaysstay.  “Treat echte Mestreechteneer” so.

Current activities:

Inaugustus 2006 was purified byVera andDennis theDutch companyWijntjens – Piano lessons and violin lessons” established, with thepurpose theirappeal andpassion, thegiving violin- andpianolessen and themusicianship jointly expanding.

Mycurrent work include givingviolin by all means, both ourleslokatieon location asonline live video calls, and themusicianship o.a. inorchestras andensembleschamber musicmood music andstudio recordings.

Further hears some thereentrepreneurshipadministrationbookkeeping and thewebdesign for.

Do you wantthe ,motivatedexpertpatient andenthusiastic teachers, then chooseplayed and.

Also formood musicstudio recordings andmusical you can reachplayed and justly.

Photo albums:

Hieronder staan wat fotoalbums van Dennis op de viool. Click on the photo for an impression.
Dennis speelt ook samen in Duo Spirito Crea.