Vera Melnichenko



Vera Melnichenko is a graduate of both theConservatory of theHogeschool Maastricht (2003) as of to theConservatory ,Saratov (1999).
Vera has over30 years experience in giving piano lessons to all ages.

During herstudy ,19982002 and from2011 Vera lives inMaastrichtNetherlands.
From2002-2010 She lived inBelgium, first in townRiemst, Then in the municipalityLanaken.

Vera marriedDennis (for ourviolist) and together they have twosons, Vadim (2011) en Boris (2012).

Veramastered theDutch language, she has graduated in2002 the
Staatsexamen ofNederlands als tweede taal, programma II (NT2) ..

The very beginning:

Vera Alexandrovna Melnichenko was in1975 born inVladivostok inRussia and grew up inPetropavlovsk-Kamtchatsky inKamchatka, also inRussia.

Vera has since1999 graduatepianist andPrivate pianodocente inNetherlandsandBelgium.


Injuni 1990 Vera graduated at themusic ,Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatsky (Russia).

From19901994 followed Vera in theMusic College ,Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatsky trainingTeaching and performing musician Piano. Diploma with distinction earned injuni 1994.

In1994 Vera toSaratov (Russia) moved to study at theConservatory ,Saratov.

Vocational training:

From19941999 Vera studied at theConservatory ,Saratov (Russia) training: Performing Musician PianoCo-tutoringDocerend Musicus Piano andChamber music. Got my degree injuni 1999.

In1998 Vera moved toMaastricht (Netherlands) for aFurther Studyto theConservatory ,Maastricht.

From19982001 Vera studied at theConservatoryHogeschool Maastricht training: Performing Musician Piano by professorAvi Schonfeld. Got my degree injuni 2001.

Between19992000 and20012002 Vera also studied atLeeuwenborgh Education Maastricht for the courseNederlands als tweede taal, program 2 (NT2).
DiplomaState examination achieved inaugustus 2002.

From20012003 she studied at theConservatorySouth Dutch School of Music
inMaastricht thesecond phase training Piano Performance, Classical Music, Master’s Degree (Performing Musician Piano) also by professorAvi Schonfeld.
Graduated in June 2003.

Practical Experience:

From19921994stage at themusic inPetropavlovsk-Kamtchatsky(Russia)

From19971998co-tutoring on themusic inSaratov (Russia) Alsosolo performances andchamber music inPetropavlovsk andSaratov (Russia)

From1999 staying in VeraMaastrichtNetherlands and she performs regularly.Performances solo andchamber music, o.a. Sunday Afternoon ConcertsVrijthof Theatre andCentre CeramiqueMaastricht

2001: Participation in theZeelenberg Solisten contest “Talent in Ontwikkeling” inDelft.
It was also made this a CD recording.

Mood Music oncelebrateweddingscompany presentationssolo andchamber music.

From2001 Vera startedconstruct of its ownpianolespraktijk inMaastricht.

Inaugustus 2006 was purified byDennis andVera the currentDutch company “Wijntjens – Violin and Piano” established.

From2007 arestudio recordings made for the Belgian composerWim Hautekiet.   InJanuary 2008 this came from the CD: Wim Hautekiet – Renaissance in Fives.

Current activities:

Inaugustus 2006 was purified byVera andDennis the currentDutch company “Wijntjens – Violin and Piano” established, with the aim of theirappealandpassion, givingviolin- andpianolessen and themake music togetherexpand.

Mycurrent work include givingpiano by all means, both ourleslokatieon location asonline live video calls, and themusicianship, o.a. inchamber musicchoral accompanimentsmood music andstudio recordings.

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Photo albums:

Hieronder staan wat fotoalbums van Vera op de piano. Click on the photo for an impression.
Vera speelt ook samen in Duo Spirito Crea.