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Welcome to Violin School Maastricht

For viola in Maastricht or on location Maastricht and surroundings or online live.

Learn to play the viola is a fun hobby where you will have lots of fun ..
A viola is slightly larger than a violin. Therefore the sound is somewhat lower, darker and mysterious.
As a voice the viola fits between the violin and cello.
You can compare the violin and viola with the soprano and viola in the singing voices.

Our violinist Dennis Wijntjens , Violinschool Maastricht teaches fun
gradually and patiently the secrets of the viola game.
Because Dennis aims during a viola fun, open atmosphere ,,
where mistakes are part of the learning process.

Viola lessons are possible in the nederlands, english, deutsch and optionally in het limburgs.
You can even our viola online live video calls (via Skype or Facetime) .,
so also in your home in the Netherlands, Belgium or abroad, in your own language.

Dennis is a graduate of the Conservatory of the Hogeschool Maastricht in the Netherlands and has over 20 years of experience in teaching violin to all ages.

Although Dennis is also active as a performing musician ,, He is rarely prevented.
Should any one time failure a lesson, the lesson can always be another time ..

For an impression of our students concerts you can take a look at our photo albums.

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The difference between violin and viola:

A viola has a bigger and thicker sound box and is therefore considerably heavier.
The distances between the fingers are slightly bigger.
Also the bow is what heavier then a violin bow.

The biggest and most important difference with the violin that Viola lower, full, nasal, mysterious and darker.
This is mainly because the viola has an extra any string, nl. a C / Do-string,
and the because of the high E / Mi-string from the violin is missing.

Violas have a more supporting, accompaniment role in an orchestra,
but they sometimes play the solo voice.
The modern orchestra has 30 violins against (only) 12 violas, but qua volume are the violas
there well dread. A viola namely a bigger volume then a violin, because he has a bigger ?.

Tuning, , low to high, left side to right:

If you click above on the string then I'll let you hear the sound.

Another important difference is that violin sheet music always in the G / Sol – clef (violin clef) ..
For the viola one uses mainly the C / Do (viola)clef and sometimes the G / Sol (violin)clef.
This has been done for the readability, considering the lower region there would be in the violin clef too much guidlines below the staff .. If a passage for some time will be above the reach of the alto clef ,, makes one, again for the readability, use of the violin clef.

For musicians who are accustomed to the G / Sol / violin clef reading in the C / Do / alto clef
is something to get used to

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Music player:

In the examples below you can already hear that learning to play the violin is totally worth it.
You can also scroll down for more excerpts.

*) These pieces are played and recorded by our musicans in our home studio.
The full version is also available in our webshop.

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  1. For two years I've alt-violin Dennis. I started as a 26 year old, completely inexperienced, without having previously played an instrument.
    The fine, I think the clear, methodological approaches of the lessons, but also the relaxed teaching style.
    There is room for a laugh, which is very pleasant for me. Dennis is patient when I make mistakes and never gives me the feeling that I there`s nothing bak'. There is always opportunity to contribute to their own initiatives and questions are answered clearly. All in all I can thoroughly recommend violin Dennis, for young and old.

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