Contents of our classes


Music styles:

The regular teaching methods include the stylesbaroquefrom classicalromanticismfolk music and20th century. In addition, use is made of additional material in the stylespoptangosoundtracksViennese waltzes..

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Teaching materials:

In addition to regular teaching methods, there is additional material used for solo or ensemble: pieces with CD-accompaniment, duets with violin, violin with piano, piano 4 handy. It uses thelatest teaching methods and tools, Also, the PC is used regularly as a practice tool. The student is in addition to regular teaching methods, after according to its level, increasingly involved in the choice of repertoire.

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The theory substance isduring lessons treated. If you wish, you can also arrange additional theory. These are given, preferably before or after the regular music lesson. Theory lessons for advanced, for example. Conservatory admission, you can follow at Vera, de piano en theoriedocente.

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Ensemble lessons:

Together with the teacher, with other pupils, violin or piano. You can think of 2 violate, violin with piano, piano 4 handy etc.. A collaboration between the piano and violin class is possible.  It is also possible to ussamenspelles to get. In these lessons is the interplay and musicality in the first place.

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Play for Afternoon:

Twice a year, before Christmas and the summer holidays, we organize aStudents concert violin and piano in amusic hall.  Active participation is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged. For an impression, see ourphoto albums. Jullie mogen dan voor elkaar voorspelen en daarna is er een gezellig samenzijn met medeleerlingen. Een goeie gelegenheid om het geleerde in praktijk te brengen, to play for friends / parents, and to practice ensemble playing.