Lessons type, duration

Individual lessons:

We are specialized in individual lessons because we are convinced that you learn a violin or piano the best way on individual base.

Individual weekly lessons properlystandard andrecommended for violin, piano and viola lessons.
You can next weekly classes also choose classes once a 2 weeks or individual lessons.

Also in the case of individual lessons, there is a lot of attention for playing together, for example, in duet with the teacher or with our violinist / pianist.


Groepsvioolles or viola:


You can contact us duo / group lessons violin and viola follow.
Group lessons are ideal for parent / child, For brothers / sisters and boyfriends / girlfriends.
These classes are very affordable because class time is divided between multiple students.

Duo lessons violin and viola are possible weekly oronce a 2 weeks possible.

  • Suitable for anyone who wants to sit around the same time or on the same level.
  • Much attention will be paid to ensemble play.

Weekly violin duo lessons properlystandard andrecommended.
You can next weekly classes also choose classes once a 2 weeks.

For detailed information about our Groepsvioolles, see:


Combining lessons:


We give lessons in teamwork, also called ensemble, fun and educational at the same time.
Suitable forvarious levels andages.
In these classes the stateensemble lessons andmusicality in the first place. Also forall-coaching.

Thecomposition The ensemble candivers properly, eg.2 of meer violenpiano en vioolpiano en 2 violateviolin and viola, but alsoother instrumentsandcombinations are welcome… You do not necessarilyviolinviola orpiano follow us, we offer these classes foreverybody ..

Detailed information about our ensemble lessons, see:
Ensemble lessons


Lesson duration and frequency:

weekly classes:

  • 30, 45 or 60 minutes per week
  • You get 38 classes per school year if you attend all lessons. (*)
  • Recommended for children:  weekly 30 / 45 minutes per individual lesson.
  • Recommended for adults:  weekly 45 / 60 minutes per individual lesson.
  • Our experience is that those who attend weekly music lessons, Also, at least half more progress !

The eens for 2 weeks:

  • 45 or 60 minute lesson once a 2 weeks
  • You get 19 classes per school year if you attend all lessons. (*)
  • For adults who want morefreedom and who can not practicelong period during a day.
  • Not suitable for children and beginners.

single lessons, Variable lessons and occasional lessons:

  • 30, 45 or 60 minuten per lesson
  • These are arranged by time, no set class time.
  • Not suitable for children and beginners.

*) You can start during the year, unsubscribe is possible per month and you may catch up missed lessons.


Live music lessons online via Skype or FaceTime:


These are also individual classes but online from your home or anywhere you want, no extra running costs and loss of time.

Online classes through live video calling are possible for violin, piano and viola lessons.

  • You can attend these lessons from allover the world.
  • Violin lessons are possible innederlandsgerman or english.
  • Piano lessons are possible in nederlands, russian or english.

Weekly online lessons are standard and are recommended at a fixed time.
You can next weekly classes also choose classes once a 2 weeks or individual lessons.

Also as the incidentele suitable asa supplement to oralternation with (for our) regular music lessons, for example. if you have a question or a problem or want to catch up a lesson.

For detailed information on our live classes, see:
Live music lessons online