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webcamviool81. About our live violin and piano lessons online
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1. About our live violin and piano lessons online:


Next regular lessons at our place or on location at the student we also give lessons Online live via de webcam (video calling), a promising online lesvorm for not and in the future.

You can visit our online live violin, piano and viola follow around the world.
The lessons will be given from our teaching practice in Maastricht (Netherlands).
We have over 12 years experience in teaching music lessons online live via webcam.
As one of the first in the Netherlands we gave example, already live music lessons to students online Suriname, France, Brazil, Germany and Belgium.

Online classes knows nowadays many different forms.
Our live music lessons via Skype or FaceTime still most resembles regular private music lessons, with all the advantages of online classes.

It is a interesting, modern and popular way of learning.
The threshold is often slightly lower to start music lessons.

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Live lessons online are much better than tutorial in videos:

We use the latest teaching methods and techniques.
So we come in your room through the display your computer, tablet of tv.
Because it's a live video en geluidsverbinding is get directly to get feedback your game.
Your teacher can then immediately comment and adjustments propose, occur, gehoortraining do etc. It's all much easier when things immediately learns the right way.

Live music lessons are therefore much better and self study via video’s or e-books.
It is a excellent alternative regular music lessons for all advantages , online lessons.
That the teacher on some remotely is does not matter.

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