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1. About our live violin and piano lessons online
2. Live lessons online much better than video tutorial
3. The benefits of Live music lessons online
4. Professional and appropriate to this time

5. How is playing together at a distance?
6. Our live music lesson packages


23-03-2020: Crisis crown
We were going on our violin and piano,
online live video calls !
Although it took some adjustments in our timetable to our regular violin- and piano pupils alternately to provide space. We think it's super that most students eager to cooperate to switch to online classes !
Also new candidates are welcome.
In this time of sitting at home and social distancing is online lessons via video call of course ideal.
Do you really like the violin or piano, you can your hobbies now give a new boost.

Dennis en Vera

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1. About our live violin and piano lessons online:


Next regular lessonsat our place oron location at the student we also give lessonsOnline live video calls, a promisingonline lesvorm fornot and in thefuture.

You can visit our online live violin, piano andviola follow around the world.
The lessons will be given from ourteaching practice inMaastricht (Netherlands).
We have over 13 years experience in giving online music lessons live via video conferencing.
As one of the first in the Netherlands we gave example, already live music lessons to students onlineSuriname, France, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Belgium and of course throughout the Netherlands.

Online classes knows nowadays many different forms.
Our live music lessons via Skype or FaceTime still most resembles regular private music lessons, with all the advantages of online classes.

It is ainterestingmodern andpopular way of learning.
The threshold is often slightly lower to start music lessons.

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2. Live lessons online are much better than tutorial in videos:

We use the latest teaching methods and techniques.
So we come in your room through thedisplay your computer, tablet oftv.
Because it's a live video en geluidsverbinding is get directlyto get feedback your game.
Your teacher can then immediatelycomment andadjustments propose, occurgehoortraining do etc. It's all much easier when things immediately learns the right way.

Live music lessons are therefore much better andself study viavideo’s ore-books.
It is aexcellent alternative regular music lessons for alladvantages ,online lessons.
That the teacher on someremotely is does not matter.

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3. The benefits of Live music lessons online:

Distance is no longer relevant, these classes are always possible, all over the world.
time saving andluxury and moreover it saves itmiddle.
No fuel and No additional driving costs.
Moreover, there is no complicated equipment or knowledge required.

Follow the lessons in your own home, at your place of.. actually iswherever you want
andwherever you are. So even if you(a while) residing in abroad
you just innederlands follow lesson. And you do not do the door.
You can also follow our live classes inenglish, german (only alt-violin)
or russian (only piano).

Live classes are a solution for aalternative is looking forself study orLearning through videos whichworks well, for example. If you are unable to proceed, while some help Need.
These lessons also can flexible schedule in our online agenda.
You can even alternate with our regular classes and thus overtaking a lesson.

If all teachers in your areavol if you sit thereis not a available or
as a music schoolwaiting list has, then online lessons can be a solution.
Or maybe you just want somethingnews try?

Perhaps the music school or a teacher too far away and you can difficult move.
Want lessons with you follow lessons at home but you at home not available?
In that case, live instruction course ideal.

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4. Professional and appropriate to this time:

our qualified music teachers hold online live classes as professional as the regular. They stop after all the same time and energy.
By our experience us to you good help.
Therefore, our music lessons practicing live . cheaper and regular music at our location.
from € 16,50.

It is aTraditionalpersonal andprofessional approach withmodern technology,
appropriate at this time.
Also forindividual lessons asa supplement onregular music lessons this medium is very suitable.
For example, you want our regular lessoncatch or you have aquestion or aproblem, for example. you haveneed help At theto tune on your violin.

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5. How is playing together at a distance:

For most students, the answer is that making music over the internet between the two parties (for example. pupil-teacher) via video calling with the aforementioned programs is unfortunately not quite possible due to sound delays.
It goes through the years getting better, but also if both parties have a perfect cable connection, you notice that if you play purely by ear you have to slow down to stay together.
One also sometimes does not hear the other. Of course, the prelude to the student or teacher is excellent, there are no delays unless there is a poor connection course.

Would you still like to play together remotely, then that is WELL possibly with special software such as Jamkazam or Jamulus (see below) !
If you want to be able to work at all, there are higher standards put to the connection, on a network cable is absolutely necessary, headphones too and there are more settings for the user.
This software is successfully used by bands that make music or improvise over the internet together.
In all cases it takes a lot of time to find out how such a thing works and many musicians prefer to make music instead of figuring out technical things.

In collaboration with our partnerPc Mac Man Maastrichtwe can (,) Setting everything for you. We can also help you solve connection problems.
PC Mac Man is aCompTIA A + certified PC technician, excited and also ourprofessional violinist andmusician Dennis, you can help with this so fine.

More info about our online live teamwork:
Combining live online
Live music lesson package Teamwork

In our online teaching practice we notice that most students are already satisfied with video calling via Skype of FaceTime.
Because we use choose ways of ensemble lessons which also work well.
You can be the student for example let them play along with CD or one (oiled by the teacher) sound.
Then the student has to self the music Play. Then of course it is together to hear.
In piano lessons, playing between both parties becomes a lot anyway less and in violin lessons we often work with CD or Sound recordings.
Prediction-replay or right away raids one after another is also one shape , ensemble lessons that you can use just fine.

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6. Our live music lesson packages:


Prima online lessons via a live video and audio connection via the Internet on your computer, laptop, tv, tablet or phone.

+ Good sound
+ Fine image
+ For playing, repeating, to get feedback
+ Playing together with CD accompaniment
or our audio files
– Not suitable for making music together
remotely (with your teacher)
+ Easy to use

See Supplies


Improved online lessons, suitable for remote interaction via a live video and audio connection via the internet from behind your computer.

Same as standard, but then:

+ Good for interaction with your teacher(no delay)
– Experimental, high demands on equipment and compound, more settings for the user

See Supplies.

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3 thoughts on “Live music lessons online

  1. Is it possible to actually play together via Skype or FaceTime or other app? I ask this, because these apps often but 1 'speaker’ and allow the other speaker(s) mute. They are meeting apps, so playing together as talking over each other’ is seen.
    Now I'm more housebound, I would like to play together remotely with people.

    1. best Diana, the answer for a basic computer user is that combination over the Internet via Skype or FaceTime between two parties (for example. pupil-teacher) is not possible.
      It goes through the years getting better, but also a perfect connection you notice that if you purely by ear play you still have to play slowly to stay together.
      But playing for the student or teacher is fine, there are no delays unless there is a poor connection course.
      In our online teaching practice, we use other ways of interaction: you can let the student play along with a CD or (oiled by the teacher) sound. Then the student must themselves play the music. Then of course it can be heard together. In piano playing together both parties anyway used less and violin lessons, we work with many CD or audio recordings.
      For Play-replay or immediately after each incident is also a form of interaction that you can use fine.

      The answer for the more experienced computer user: and, can indeed !! It is used to rehearse with the band members over the Internet.
      There are some conditions which must meet up. All parties have a (recent) using computer, fast wired Internet (ROLLING) Using connected to the modem / router and all parties must be less than 1000 Km of each other. Then you have a while to delve into a (below free) software program, especially how to set.
      It works with a central server that tune all audio streams together so everyone is both audibly. You can use the central server of the program or choose a public server in your area, but then you are with strangers playing together. You can also set up a public server or use a private server that is accessible only to friends.
      If you own a (public or private) To set up server then there is still knowledge regarding open ports on your router, so that the server is accessible from the Internet.
      This all sounds familiar to your ears, then it is definitely something to consider. I've ever tried between Maastricht-Amsterdam and it worked perfectly.
      Would anyone like to know more about the details here, need help in setting or want to try it again, just contact me.

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