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Welcome to Pianoschool Maastricht

For piano inMaastricht oron location inMaastricht andsurroundings.

Learn to play the piano is anice hobby where you will have lots offun ..
With apiano you can doa lot, you can play the most beautiful musicfrom classicaljazz topop.
However, you must first learn to useall ten youfingers ,, but afterwards you canplay on your own orimitate a full orchestra and play together withother instruments..

our pianistVera Melnichenko , Piano School Maastricht is graduated from both
theConservatory of theHogeschool Maastricht (2003) as to
theConservatory ,Saratov (1999).
Vera has over 31 years experience in giving piano lessons to all ages and levels.

Although there is the necessary attention during class attention , improve the level of piano playing of the pupil, there is always room for a casual and fun atmosphere as well.
Vera is rarely absent despite the fact that she is also a performing musician ,.  if she does, then the lesson can always be caught up some other time ..


Piano lessons are possible in Dutch, english in Russian.
Piano lessons canonline live video calls (via Skype or Facetime) ,, at your home in the Netherlands, Belgium or abroad, in your own language.

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Our Virtual Piano:

You may ourvirtual piano Try it out for some inspiration.
Have fun and see you soon !

If you click on the picture below, start the virtual piano
in a new window.

You play with your mouse, keyboard or on your screen.

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Music player:

In the examples below you can already hear that learning the piano is totally worth it.

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  1. Dear Dennis & Vera,
    Your site is great! And your job is great! I wish you good luck in all beginnings and I wish you good students!

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