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Violin lessons

Welcome to Violin School Maastricht

taking for the first violin or pick up the thread? 
Met personal attention in an cozy and relax atmosphere you best to learn
and relax at the same time! You make music for you fun!
Make an appointment introductory by our enhousiaste and to experience viooldocent.

We give violin lessons inMaastricht and violin lessonson location inMaastricht andsurroundings.

Learn to play the violin is anice hobby where you will have lots offun ..
Aviolin is probably the best known of all orchestral instruments.
The sound of a violin still most resembles the human voice.
This allows you to express good feelings with.

Dennis Wijntjens

Our violinistDennis Wijntjens , Violinschool Maastricht teaches you with many enthusiasm step by step patiently the secrets of violin. Because Dennis aims during a violin lesson cozy, relaxed atmosphere ,, where mistakes are part of the learning process.
With a good guidance, enthusiasm and a little perseverance you may like violin playing.

We accompany you like to your own music exploring, whether you're a beginner or a advanced bent, we adjust our lessons accordingly.

Next individual lessons you with us groepsvioolles .. Also every two weeks ensemble lessons Follow with other students. There are several ensemble ensembles.

Did you know that regularly playing music very good for you is?
Like sport good for you body ? music is healthy for you and spirit. You learn so much more than just playing the violin.
See: Music makes clever.

Violin lessons are possible innederlands, englishdeutsch and optionally in het limburgs.
You can even our violinonline live video calls (via Skype or Facetime) .,
so also in your home inthe NetherlandsBelgium or abroad, in your own language.

Dennis is a graduate of the Conservatory of the Hogeschool Maastricht in the Netherlands and has over25 years of experience in teaching violin to all ages.

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video player:

Fiddle is cool !

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Music player:

In theexamples below you can already hear violin playing
is totally worth it.
You can also scroll down formore excerpts.

*) These pieces are played and recorded by our musicans in our home studio.
The full version is also available in our webshop.

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4 thoughts on “Violin lessons Maastricht

  1. It's finally that I'm moving ... and unfortunately that means that I have to find another teacher.
    But I want to thank you for the great lessons of the past years. You were a very pleasant and motivating teacher.

  2. In a world where the children's day today sucked by so many appearances, Your violin is a haven in the week.
    A passionate teacher who wants to help to discover the essence of violin pupils from his own experiences, makes it's living teaching and thus food for the soul.
    I hope that our daughter may be far from inspired by you.

  3. Dear Dennis & Vera,
    Your site is great! And your job is great! I wish you good luck in all beginnings and I wish you good students!

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    For requests for violin lessons use it request form.
    Submissions will appear below on our website after approval.
    Comments can also share with you through our Facebook page or email us.   thanks in advance.

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