The advantages of our lessons


Personal contact with the teacher:

Room andattention for personalwishespace andcharacteristics of the pupil.
At a music school this is much less.

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You can start during the school year:

To start with our lessons we haveno waiting list and you can enroll with us throughout the year.
You can usually start alreadywithin a week with our lessons, except during school.
In music schools you sometimes have towait very long and you can notstart in the middle of the year.

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Little cancellations by the teacher:

Our tutors properlyrarely prevented because we consider teaching. not as a side job.
Should we have to cancel for a lesson,, then this lesson may be caught upanother time ...
Some teachers have so many secondary activities soregular lessons are no longer possible.

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Missed lessons may be rescheduled:

To guarantee thecontinuity and theprogress of the lessons,, it is possible tocaught up cancelled lessons..
A music school and most tutors usually don't offer you this kind of service. ..

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It is possible to unsubscribe for our lessons per month:

If you do this before the beginning of the next month, then the next month should not be paid.
At a music school and with some tutors you need topay per school year, moreover, some tutors use alonger period.

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Lessons at your home are possible:

You have the ability to follow our lessonsat your place, I come to visit you or we meet online viavideo calling (webcam). A music school or private teacher is mostly not providing this service. ..
More information see: Locations.

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You can choose the lesson duration and frequency:

At a music school this is individuallymaximum 30 minutes per week and you must follow group lessons to be able to have a longer lesson.
More information see: Lessons type, duration.

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We organize student concerts twice a year:

A good opportunity to show what you have learned, to play for friends / parents, and to practice ensemble playing. Active participation is not mandatory, for an impression, see ourphoto albums.

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You don't have to follow separate theory classes:

Thenecessary theory is handledduring the lessons and immediately put intoat home ..
At a music school (especially inBelgium) seperate theory classes sometimesare mandatory and often you miss how you must bring it intoat home.

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Groepsvioolles and teamwork possible:

Individual lessons arestandard andrecommended, but like a music school we can also offer you the opportunity to follow Groepsvioolles .. Alsoensemble lessons with multiple students at the same time are possible.