Lessons Online


Learn to tune your violin

Do you have an untuned violin and no pleasure in playing? You want to tune it yourself, but.. how you do this?

About scales

About scales and note names, the theory in a nutshell More..

Tips for practicing

How to motivate yourself or your child to practice daily with fun. What exercise tips and notes More..

Adjust tempo CD / MP3

The speed of the accompaniment music (on cd or mp3) . More..

Volume CD / MP3 too low?

Solutions if the volume of the accompaniment music is too low during play-along.

Virtuele piano

A virtual piano with note names and chords, with recording function. Also useful for globally tuning a violin, prima stemming More..

Live music lesson and playing together

Online live music lesson via video calling and online live interplay without delay. We can also help you with the software settings via remote assistanceMore..