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Welcome to Teamwork Maastricht

Are you looking forsomeone to be sociabletogether music experience?
Playing together gives a boost to your confidence and enjoyment in music.
We give lessons in teamwork, also called ensemble, fun and educational at the same time.
Suitable forvarious levels andages. Also forall-coaching.
In these classes the stateensemble lessons andmusicality in the first place.

Thecomposition The ensemble candivers properly, eg.2 of meer violenpiano en vioolpiano en 2 violateviolin and viola, but alsoother instrumentsandcombinations are welcome… You do not necessarilyviolinviola orpiano follow us, we offer these classes foreverybody ..

Us teamwork violin ensemble rehearses all year, with as purpose implementation of our students concerts.
However, a performance for the public is not a must, you may also just be rehearsing with us.

Are you looking for a pianobegeleider (co-tutoring) or you want to play duets together ?
We offer a unique opportunity to make music togetherduet with ourprofessional musicians and at the same time hereinthe to get. You live far away, then these lessons can online via video calling (via Skype or Facetime) , (see package Experimental).
Please check out our webshop for piano accompaniments in mp3-audioformaat, so you can play along at home.

Lessons are possible in combination het nederlandsenglish*ру́сский (russian), *deutsch and optionally in het limburgs. *) Depending on the teacher, inform

It is also possible to ourduoles violin or viola ., especially for parent / child or brothers / sisters, so violinmet z’ntwo together.

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There are several ways to play with us:

Teamwork on location

Lessons interaction are possible on our leslokatie in Maastricht. Optionally, also to home in and around Maastricht.

Live interaction online

Playing together with our professional musicians can also remotely live online (no delay). This is all quite experimental, there are high demands on the compound. More..

Piano Accompaniments MP3

pianobegeleiding mp3
Purchase a play-along accompaniment in MP3 audio format, made in our home-studio. This allows you to exercise daily or play together on stage if you have no pianist. More..

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Subsidies for teamwork

Benefits for music lessons
While teamwork is not as expensive as individual music lessons, there are less well-off parents certainly opportunities to get grant. More..

Music makes clever

Together making music is fun, but did you know there is also smarter in?   What sport is for the body, is music practice for the mind! More..

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