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Learning to play a musical instrument is a combination of learning a language with a sport like dancing, cycling or swimming. It is also regular repetition (exercise) is necessary.
You also get some homework on. This homework is not a tax but a relaxing fun and useful leisure time.

The student or his parents must understand what positive long-term effect is that music making has social and emotional development.
It is not a simple hobby, but like sport good for body and mind.
Making music is a artistic activity where many craft comes with it and also what discipline and concentration. From the first piece they learn to analyze the music and memorize. Movements are practiced in the most convenient way. They learn to play music sheet, clapping rhythms, make sentences and tell a compelling story.
Keep that in mind in the scheme and there is probably somewhere 10 minutes per day on to practice a musical instrument! You can read more in the article Music makes clever.

It is recommended to practice regularly and on a fixed time ..
This regulary exercise is thereby even more important than the duration.

Recommended for beginners:
Study at least 5 days per week is recommended, minimal 15 – 30 minutes per day.
For young children it is better to divide this for instance. 2x of 3x 10 minutes per day.
The practice time will be gradually expanded to 30 minutes per day.

Recommended for advanced:
Study at least 5 days per week is recommended, minimal 30 – 45 minutes per day.
This depends on talent and level.

Lessons once a 2 weeks:
For adults who want more freedom and can not practice long on a day.
Again, a study of minimum 5 days per week is recommended.
You obviously get more homework and not just for the last week.
Because it makes no sense to start practicing in the last week !

For upcoming professional musicians the study load will be significantly higher located.

The only the instrument during the lesson time . enough, because
a lesson is too short to achieve what a pupil can achieve during a whole week of practicing himself.
Home practice is necessary to make some progress, but also the way how we practice at home determines the progress.

Children until the age of 7 years old can not practice alone.
It is recommended that someone is present during the lesson available and is able to assist the child at home with practicing and encourages during practicing.

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