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1. To adjust the speed of accompaniment music

If you learn a musical instrument, then you can usually play a nice tune from the first lesson together. That's because nowadays almost all methods have a companion CD.

Over time, the tempo of the accompaniment is getting higher, making it sometimes difficult to play together. The tempo of the track is the concert tempo, the tempo for the final result.
The practice pace is, especially in the beginning, lower.
While practicing, you must first clear your fingers carefully the way.
We do this slowly to make as few mistakes as possible!
Compare it to rehearse dance moves, also not at full speed with the music at the first time.
If you would change the Playback Speed of the accompaniment then you can practice sooner with accompaniment
and you can go up in small steps, making it much easier.
Also, it is much more fun to practice with the accompaniment sooner.

Another aspect for intermediate players is if the pace of the accompaniment doesn't feel right.
If you would adjust the tempo of the music accompaniment to your needs, then it plays a lot better.
Maybe you're already used to playing the piece faster?
This is also relevant for purchases from our shop with accompaniments.
You can play a piece on multiple tempos or levels, for example, a beginner will play the same piece different as an advanced or professional player.

Usually students do understand that they first have to practice slow itself and if it succeeds only have to tackle the accompaniment track there. But there are also impatient students who immediately want to try everything with accompaniment, which is why she, if it is going too fast, frustrated or wrong things (mistakes) ..
You also have students who stay too long at a slow pace and where it takes quite long before they can catch up with the track. They do not really know how to handle this.
That's too bad, The following tips will learn to play a musical instrument more fun !

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Try it yourself in our music player:

Below, you can adjust the playback rate of the audio excerpt with the slider.

Playback rate:    More..

Also see: Adjust the Playback Speed ​​of your own audio file online

This piece is played and recorded by our musicans in our home studio.
The full version is also available in our webshop.

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  1. hi Dennis, this works well! Here I can put the piece back on the piece that I want to practice extra, without having to replay the whole piece.

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